The Rise of the Listener
Book 1 of the Drägan Duma Trilogy

By Patty van Delft

Blood on the car window...

Jill’s nights are haunted by a recurring nightmare about the accident in which she lost her mother. She has never known her father.

During the night of her sixteenth birthday, Jill is startled awake. She drags herself to the bedroom window and sees a dragon outlined against the sky. Convinced that she is dreaming, she starts walking towards it and meets the Drägannymare Jordian, a dragon knight from Drägan Duma. In this parallel world, dragons and humans have formed a pact to face the evil Morbidi.


It turns out that through her father’s bloodline, Jill is destined to travel to Drägan Duma to be trained as a Drägannymare. She only gets a few days’ time to decide whether this is really what she wants to do.


Confused, she is left behind. Will she leave behind everything she knows and step into the unknown world of Drägan Duma?

Rise of the Listener is the debut of Patty van Delft from The Hague in the Netherlands. In this book, sadness and loss play an important role, but friendship and heroism are equally important. Far away from the world she knows, the sixteen-year-old Jill discovers who she really is.

Rise of the Listener is the first instalment of a captivating fantasy trilogy, Drägan Duma, about a strange world where Jill is burdened with a heavy responsibility. Books 2 Allies & Traitors and 3 The Black Crystal have also been published.

The Drägan Duma series was written for young adults - particularly for a female audience - of fourteen and up, but is definitely also recommended for adult readers.

The cover for the Dutch editions were designed by Dominik Broniek.



Additional Information:

Published 2014 (Celtica Publishing) - 3 chapters available in 

English - ISBN: 9789491300240 - 415 Pages - Paperback


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