Sahana (YA Dystopian)

By Ruby Coene


Ruby Coene (1986) has her own practice as a children's  and youth therapist in Utrecht. Besides writing, she loves to read and travel. Her YA debut Sanaha is an intense and gripping story about a future Europe where one girl rises up to overthrow the ruling class that has held her captive all of her life.

Seven Great Houses resurrected underneath the ruins of former world cities.
Seven Great Families promised to keep the peace forever.


Sixteen-year-old Nyah sees the sun only twice a year. The rest of the time she stays  underground. There, she works for one of the Great Families in exchange for
protection from the radiation caused by the Last War.


Then, while at work, Nyah sees horrific images of the outside world: they are the bloodied fields she has seen in her nightmares for years. Before she has a chance to find out how those forbidden images got into her dreams, she is sold to the heir of the most notorious Great Family. Now a prisoner of this  capricious boy, she will never again have a chance to find out the truth about her dreams...unless she runs.


To be truly free, Nyah must give up the last vestiges of her security and find out the truth about her past and the role she is to play in New Europe. Only when she knows what she is fighting for will she be able to win.

Additional Information :

Published 2021 (Dutch Venture Publishing) - Reading sample English available - 80.000 words

Rights: World