Schadenfreude Secrets

By Stephen Rea

Schadenfreude Secrets

Schadenfreude Secrets is a modern age Our Man in Havana type tale of a former Aussie Espionage Officer, his American wife, her home town pal, an out-of-step MI5 guy and a case juggling Russian spy co-ordinator striving to contain fallout from an apparent killing in London that began as a single trigger ruse for an urbane Espionage War Game which plays out into a scaled story that spreads out and about in London, Moscow, American Oceania Territory and a small fictional town in continental America.


A core theme is how bungling big government - masquerading as something else entirely - need not get in the way of those seeking to make the world a more secure and prosperous place.


Additional Information :

Seeking initial publication as well as Foreign Rights

82.234 Words - World Rights (incl. World English)