Schadenfreude Secrets

By Stephen Rea

A former Aussie Espionage Officer, his American wife, her home town pal, a brought into the loop MI5 guy and a case juggling Russian spy co-ordinator contain fallout from an apparent contemporary ‘Cold War’ type killing in London but also uncover an international social psychology experiment that seems to be aiming to undermine the US voting and judicial systems.


Schadenfreude Secrets is a Digital Age Orwellian High Concept Thriller that explores how a current day ‘Espionage War Game’ based on covert co-operation between the USA and Russia and set against a backdrop of increasingly socially and politically divided societies could play out in a scaled story where the key protagonists are not made aware of any ‘game’ element to a sequence of escalating events that spread out between London, Moscow, American Oceania Territory and a small fictional town in continental America.


As the mind-games give way to confusion for some, only a few players show real leadership nous in a politician-free exercise that has a hint of the Dystopian about it – but also real world parallels that at the end leave leaders and spymasters with more answers and options but also some concerns about what the future may hold. 


Additional Information :

Seeking initial publication as well as Foreign Rights

82.234 Words - World Rights Available (incl. World English)

KvK nr.:  60491833

VAT nr: NL002160634B54

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