Universe Loves a Happy Ending
Become Energy Guardians & Eco-Healers for the Planet, Organisations & Ourselves

By Hans Andeweg


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Become energy guardians and eco-healers for theplanet, Organisations and ourselves - Blackbird Literary Agency

Ir. Hans Andeweg is the author of In Resonance with Nature, in which he lay the foundations for the ECOtherapy. With this energetic method the vitality of nature reserves and businesses will be improved from a distance. He is also the co-founder of the Center for ECOtherapy.


Based on the idea that nature has a soul and that we can communicate with it, ECOtherapy techniques aim to restore and maintain a harmonious energy balance in ecosystems and other systems. The Universe Loves a Happy Ending describes how this revolutionary energetic method of remote healing can be used to increase the vitality of communities, nature reserves, and organizations from a distance. Accessibly written, with numerous color illustrations, this guide offers a clear understanding of the principles of ECOtherapy to everyone.


Making innovative connections between science and universal spiritual laws, the book demonstrates that energetic guardians consciously using their intuitive development in working with nature can stimulate an ecosystem's long-term vitality. Using the principles and techniques explained in the book, readers can also energetically charge and give direction to their own lives. As such, The Universe Loves a Happy Ending empowers each of us to take an active role in caring for the planet.



1 Everything is Energy

2 The Power of Intention

3 The Power of the Universe

4 Morphic Fields

5 The Language of the Heart

6 Working with Affirmations

7 Measuring Time, Making Time

8 Natural Time & the Rythm of Life

9 Spirals & Paths in Time

10 Everything has a Consciousness

11 Huna & the Complete Person

12 Living with Compassion

13 The Riddle of the Cross & Life after Death



Additional Information:

2nd edition 2012 (Dutch) - Complete English translation

ISBN: 9789021550091 – – 244 pages – Colour illustr. - Paperback

Rights: World