Second Hand Wings (15+)

By Vanessa Gerrits

Vanessa Gerrits (1989) is a Belgian book blogger who fell in love with Twilight and decided to write her own series, not about sparkly vampires but about angels and crows. In her books, she shows readers a version of Flanders they have never seen before: futuristic, fantastic, and utterly convincing.

The Wings Trilogy is a firm favorite among YA book bloggers and fans, who have praised the original world building

Max urgently needs new wings. And him being a Crow - a human-mechanic-monster hybrid - means he can only get them by stealing them from another winged creature. A Guardian Angel, for example. Someone like Lucy.

Lucy loses it all when her wings are taken - her freedom, her career, and possibly the soul of her Charge. But one single feather turns the tables in her favor and lets Lucy take control of her life once more.

An unlikely alliance is formed between the Angel and the Crow, who each have an agenda of their own. And pretty soon, wings as well as hearts hang in the balance



Additional Information :

Published 2015 (Dutch Venture Publishing) - Sample English translation available - 406 pages - Paperback & E-book 


World Rights Available (incl. World English)