Shattered Breath

What if a Myth becomes Dangerous Reality?

By Latoya Morris

Shattered Breath.jpg

Together with his parents and sister Judith, 19-year old Patrick visits Baltimore, Ireland for a holiday. His aunt runs a hotel there. He wasn’t really looking forward to the holiday to say the least, until a mysterious woman called Morgayne checks in at the hotel. He falls head over heels for her, but she seems way out of his league and unapproachable.


In the meantime, chaos breaks lose all around the southwestern coast of Ireland. The weather changes rapidly, sea animals wash ashore. All of a sudden, while the storm is gaining more and more power, Morgayne reaches out to Patrick. 


Soon enough, her charms memorise him, but when he discovers that she is somehow connected to the storm, he starts to realise that she is no ordinary young woman. But will he be able to safe himself by that time?

Additional Information :

Published 2020 (Hamley Books) - Complete English translation available

ISBN: 9789463967136 - 200 pages - Hardback 

Rights: World