Silk Road
The Journey
By Kenneth Canatsey

Before retiring in 2009, Kenneth Canatsey was a RN Case Manager at the VA West Los Angeles Medical Center, where he worked in the areas of mental health and substance abuse. He has previously published three volumes of poetry.



'A rich, exotic journey that will leave you reaching for your passport.' - Kirkus Review


It is 1966, and the narrator and his roommate are leaving their California college town in order to hitchhike to New York City and join their friends who are already there. So begins what will become a 20,000 mile journey of loss and redemption. Silk Road: The Journey is a tale of travel, adventure, and a young man's coming of age, evolving under unexpected and, at times, the most unusual of circumstances. Here, the changing landscape becomes an active - although not always benign - participant in the story.


Above all, the novel is a chronicle of impermanence, in which the narrative - on one level a series of adventures in which places and events change, and bonds between people are formed, developed and severed – becomes, on a deeper level, an examination of transience, as the protagonist searches for meaning and permanence to the farthest ends of the earth, but is able to find it only when he returns home. A spirited, free-wheeling and ultimately sobering story of irreverent and reckless youth.


'I feel like I just took a trip around the world with this "friendly anarchist" experiencing previously unimagined people, places, sights, foods and much more. I took my time enjoying this read and just wish it could have kept going. Uncensored honesty is a central, endearing quality of this well-written story where humor, surprises and intimate moments of humanity are translated into tangible experiences for the reader. I came away with renewed respect for the construction of touching narrative and good sentences. I'm thinking of reading it again - this time with a map beside me so I can be more present in experiencing the people, evolving relationships and places this book describes so well.' - Reader review from



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ISBN: 9781514405369 - 398 pages - Paperback 

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