Silver Wings (15+)

By Vanessa Gerrits

Now that Max has stolen Lucy's heart as well as her wings, he is hell-bent on giving her back what's rightfully hers. But his plan to construct wings out of special silver are thwarted when an old enemy of Lucy makes an appearance. 

Also, Max seems to be the linchpin in an operation of tribal Crows that have somehow imprinted on him, although he has no idea why.

Will Lucy and Max make their love for each other work out once and for all? Love can give you wings ... or take them away.



Additional Information :

Published 2017 (Dutch Venture Publishing) - Sample English translation available

ISBN: 9789492585004 - 320 pages - Paperback

World Rights Available (incl. World English)

Vanessa Gerrits (1989) is a Belgian book blogger who fell in love with Twilight and decided to write her own series, not about sparkly vampires but about angels and crows. In her books, she shows readers a version of Flanders they have never seen before: futuristic, fantastic, and utterly convincing.