Spirituality / Alternative Health

Have a look at these great authors. Translation rights available for all! Subjects range from: Alternative Medicine, Lifestyle, shamanism and Intuition - Scroll down to see everything!

Breaking Sad
Intuition - Mark Rich
The Eagles Dream - Dreamshield
Living with Fybromyalgia
Non Dualism - Philip Renard
The Creation Spiral - Knoope
The Book of Awareness - Philip Renard
How to be a Buddhist Millionaire - Matt Jardine

How to be a

Buddhist Millionaire

Memories in Dragonflies
Live - Bibian Mentel
Horse Mandalas - Colouring Book
Energetic Anatomy - Mark Rich
The Shiatsu Book
The Universe Loves a Happy Ending
Secrets of Intuition - Luc van Esch
Considering Muesli
The Secrets of the Soul
The Sorcerer's Dream - Dreamshield
The Revolution of the Heart
Each Year of Life

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