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Tea for the People

A guide to Briatin's favourite brew for home cooks, crafters and tea lovers

By Marc Riley & Owen Terry

Tea for the People

Tea For The People is all about having fun with tea and nothing is off limits. This book is filled with the nation’s favourite beverage… but not as we know it! Tea in Britain tends towards the usual ‘milk and two sugars’ but have you ever tried a tea-infused cocktail? How about using it to smoke a fish?


Or create beautifully scented soaps? Learn all about the blends, varieties and properties of this amazing plant as well as the limitless range of flavours and fun you can create with the humble leaf with over 75 recipes and ideas for home cooks, crafters and tea lovers.


Discover, experiment, enjoy and open your mind to the wonderful world of tea!

Additional Information :

Published 2022 (Meze Publishing) - 160 pages - 75+ recipes - Paperback

ISBN: 9781910863794 - Rights: World

Marc Riley and Owen Terry live and breathe tea. Having met as backpackers in Australia in 2006, their shared passion grew over many years of travel and friendship, eventually leading them to establish Batch Tea Co. in 2019. Their goal was to encourage more people to drink quality, sustainably sourced teas by making tea fun, accessible and affordable, as well as educating the tea-drinking public about the wide variety of teas and tea products available around the world.


The idea for their first book came from the realisation that many people were unaware of tea's versatility as an ingredient. Written with the belief that we don’t have to just drink tea to love it, Marc and Owen hope to open up a whole new world of tea appreciation and show people there’s more to Britain’s favourite brew than meets the eye. Marc lives with his wife and two children in Sheffield, and Owen lives between Australia and the UK with his wife and daughter.

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