The Abandoned House (9+)

(Part two in the Crow Village series)

By Sandra J. Paul

The Abandoned House - Sandra J. Paul

Sandra J. Paul is a bilingual author who publishes under the names Sandra J. Paul (youth and adult psychological thrillers) and Joanne Carlton (young adult, fantasy, paranormal). She first became published in 2015 and has since then been awarded several times for her books.


She was the runner up in the first Aspe Award-thriller short story competition (2015) that earned her a publication of her short story in over 35,000 copies.

In 2018 she was chosen for the London Author Book Club Anthology with her novels Heart-Beat and Kill Me Again. She was also selected as one of the debut authors to watch for the London Book Fair 2018.

Her novel Heart-Beat was chosen as the Young Adult of the Year 2018 on the very popular online book club Thrillers and more.

Her psychological thriller Lost (Kwijt) was chosen as Thriller of the Year 2019 on Thrillers and More and was one of the fifteen books on the Hebban Thriller of the year 2019 long list (out of 390 books).

Her thriller Dust (Stof) was one of the nineteen thrillers of the year 2019 on Hebban.

She was nominated for Cultural Awards 2018 in her hometown.

Her novel Hell City reached the semi-finals of the Coverfly Short Story Screenplay Competition and reached the 55th position out of 1300 entries.

Six children spend a fun night together watching movies while their parents are further down the road at a party. Everything seems to be fine, until their house is struck by an earthquake.

The children stare at each other in panic, before losing consciousness. When the six of them wake up, they’re locked up in an old abandoned house. They have no idea what has happened to them. In the middle of the living room, they find a mysterious wooden chest.

And then the chest opens …


The Abandoned House is the sequel to the immensely popular The Dark School, a bestseller that sold over 4,000 copies in Belgium alone and has been quite popular on social media and review sites. The Abandoned House turns out to be just as popular and has an average score of over 4,5 stars.

The Abandoned House is the second in a planned series of five books.

For the fans of Goosebumps or Harry Potter and readers who love exciting thrillers for children age 9+. The book has scored with an older audience as well (Teens, Young Adults, Adults).



Additional Information:

Published 2020 (Hamley Books)

ISBN: 9789463967099 – 280 pages - Paperback

Rights: World (incl. World English)