The Abyss: Leila - The Beginning

Book 1 in a series of 5

By Rolf Österberg (pseudonym)


CPR published The Al-Qaeda Connection by Rolf Österberg (pseudonym) in 2014, an exciting two-volume thriller about terrorism and the attempts to counter it. In 2015, CPR published his novel The Oslo Virus, a thriller in which Al-Qaeda also plays a key role. Rolf’s thrillers are exceptionally realistic and therefore fit CPR’s brand perfectly. They show keen insight and profound knowledge of the topics he writes about.

However, Rolf still prefers to write fantasy. He aims to make The Abyss, book one - Leila, The Beginning the first volume in a cycle that will last for several books, and hopes to convince the reader as thoroughly as he did with The Al-Qaeda Connection and The Oslo Virus.

After a thousand years, the world threatens to be consumed by evil once more. The only one who can turn the tides is Leila. She is the new Archpriestess, but she has not developed her Gifts yet. In order to do so, she must reach the elven queen Diana.

Leila is accompanied on her journey by the magical cat Tess and the murderer Orvan. Valiant, Queen Dania’s brother, ventures from the elven kingdom with ambassadors from the gnomes and trolls to find Leila and help her on her journey.

Aided by Suru, the God of Fire, and the prophet Zorc with his horde of gwargs, the Goddess of Evil does everything in her power to prevent Leila from reaching the elven queen.

In the first instalment of the epic series The Abyss, we follow the murderer Orvan and the girl Leila, the prophet Zorc with his gwargs, and Valiant’s group on their separate journeys. In addition, the gods and the snow dragons get involved more and more in the inevitable battle between good and evil.


The Abyss is suited for young adults as well as adult readers. The beautiful covers have been designed by Dominik Broniek.

Additional Information :

Published 2018 (Dutch/Celtica Publishing) - ISBN: 9789491300301

560 pages - Paperback


World Rights Available (Incl. World English)