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The Amsterdam Cook Book

A Celebration of the Amazing Food & Drink on Our Doorstep. Featuring over 35 Stunning Recipes.

By Kate Reeves-Brown, Kerre Chen & Phil Turner (Editor)

Amsterdam Cook Book

Sizzling with the tastes, sounds and smells of cooking from across the globe, the food scene in Amsterdam is undergoing an almighty revolution. It s clear from the exquisite recipes in this book that the city is a place ahead of its time, cultivating a new kind of culinary landscape which celebrates multi-cultural heritage, contrasting flavours and inspiring dishes.


Its quaint, narrow streets and slender townhouses paint a distinctive backdrop for its food scene. Take a bicycle ride along cobbled streets and rolling bridges, past glassy canals and marketplaces, and you don t have to go far to find high quality food. From Moroccan-inspired family recipes, to romantic French dining and Thai-style dishes, this book captures the life that so many of Amsterdam s talented chefs continue to breathe into their city s sustenance.


Featuring fresh produce, which is locally-sourced and rightly championed, this book explores a range of recipes to allow everyone to take a little bit of Amsterdam home. Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in!

Additional Information :

Published 2017 (Meze Publishing) - 192 pages - Paperback

ISBN: 9781910863398 - Rights: World

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