The Book of Tears
By Evi F. Verhasselt

Tataneh’s father allows her to help him create a new planet in the Hall of Worlds. His undivided attention for her does not go down well with her brother; in a fit of jealousy, he contaminates the planet with dragon eggs. Their mother has to step in and trap the dragons in a deep slumber to avoid a catastrophe.

A thousand years pass before the murderous dragons are roused from their sleep by Prince Abromar and Magister Gatorro. It is now up to a handful of heroes, including a blind elf, a squirrel and a slightly mad seer, to solve the problem. But will they be able to guarantee a happy ending?

Master storyteller Evi F. Verhasselt takes the reader on a unique journey through Aedon. The Book of Tears is a story packed with humour, excitement and gripping twists. When the last page has been turned, you’ll find yourself only wanting more...

The fantasy novel The Book of Tears by Flemish author Evi F. Verhasselt doesn’t just take place in an imaginary world; the reader witnesses how this world was created. Evi tells Aedon’s story like no one else could: flowing and funny, but filled with deep and moving scenes as well. A must read for every fantasy fan!

The Book of Tears is suited for young adults of fourteen and up as well as adult readers.

The breathtaking cover for the Dutch book was designed by Melchior van Rijn.



Additional Information:

Published 2013 (Celtica Publishing)

First 3 chapters are available in English

ISBN: 9789491300189 - 399 Pages - Paperback


World Rights Available (incl. World English)