The Bound Heart

Book 2 - The Velvet Basement

By Elsa Holland

An innocent woman determined to win the dangerous man she wants, a wicked man desperate to same an angel from his profane desires.


Intuitively a man knows when a woman can unravel him, regardless of what he tells himself. James Edwards, master of the Velvet Basement’s sensual and elite art of shibari rope, has kept the radiant and innocent Olive Thompson at a distance. For the longest time he’s maintained a constant vigilance, denial, and an endless hunger … until today.  Today he will steal a taste, something to remember after he walks away forever. Because who he is and what he wants are not for someone so pure. She thinks she wants him… she shouldn’t.


In her poor, coal stained world, Olive Thompson knows one thing for certain Mr. Edwards is hers. When she’s with him, every part of her feels alive, as if a stream ran under her skin rippling with passion. She thrills to his scowls and moody temperament; because all the while his eyes burn into her like a starving wolf’s, eating her up with every glance. When he looks at her, a forbidden world glows in that gaze. She wants what he threatens, what he promises…no matter the price. After the darkest night, the sun always rises - whether you're ready for the light or not.


'Wow, what a great book! The characters are lovely, including the supporting cast. I really felt for both Olive and Jamie. Both come from the dark side of London, but Olive has managed to maintain a light of hope that draws Jamie in. I found their struggle to a HEA a beautiful thing. Their relationship can succeed only if they allow themselves to let go of their fears. This is not your traditional historical romance, so don't read it unless you enjoy a little kink. I sure did!' - Amazon reader review - 5 stars


'Elsa's writing is beautifully sensual, the story of Jamie and Olive and the chemistry between them addictive from the first pages. ' - Amazon reader review - 5 stars


Additional Information:

Published 2017 (Elsa Holland Books) - ISBN: 9781521008201

364 pages - Paperback - World Rights (excl. World English)

KvK nr.:  60491833

VAT nr: NL002160634B54

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