A thoroughly enjoyable read and I can’t wait to read more by Maya Alexandri. – Anne Samson (historian)


World War I has just erupted in East Africa, and Baroness Tanya von Brantburg is running intelligence missions for the British irregular forces, with which her husband, Isak, is fighting. Aiding Tanya are Hassan, her Somali manservant, and Kamau, her Kikuyu tribesman cook.


Along the way, Tanya is targeted by her old acquaintance, the charming and cultured German Lieutenant-Colonel, Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, who wants her to betray the British. Just as dangerous is Hilary Gordon, a fellow soldier and old flame of Tanya's: Hilary is determined to win Tanya back.


Facing all the hardships of military maneuvers in the African bush, Tanya must also confront her loyalties and her desires as her mission culminates in a life-changing rescue operation on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. 


The Celebration Husband” is a surprisingly soulful look at a strong woman of a bygone era. Alexandri builds a rich cast of background characters with insights to the tribes of East Africa and tribal warfare. The danger of the time feels authentic, as does the fish out of water heartfelt nature of the characters. - Rabid Reader Review



Additional Information:

Published: 2015 (TSL Publications)

ISBN: 9781911070009 - 104.133 words - Paperback

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The Celebration husband
By Maya Alexandri.

Maya Alexandri is a peripatetic American novelist. Since 2004, she has been based variously in China, India and Kenya, and has traveled to more than sixteen countries. In addition to writing, Maya teaches law and consults as a communications specialist to humanitarian and development organizations. www.mayaalexandri.com