The Creation Spiral
The Natural Path from Wish to Reality
By Marinus Knoope


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The natural path from wish to reality - Blackbird Literay Agency

The physicist Marinus Knoope (1947) spent years searching for an answer to the question of whether people have any influence on theirr life circumstances. He was fascinated by the phenomenon that reality actualy seems to become real as soon as we observe it.


People’s wishes and desires are like the blossom on the fruit trees in spring. They are premonitions of the fruit they will produce. People have exactly those capacities they need to fulfilll their wishes, Like fruit trees have the ability to produce fruit, people are able to fulfil their wishes. In nature there is a determined path that leads from blossom to fruit and from seed to harvest. There also is a path from wish to reality. In this book you will find a description of this path.


In 1989 Knoope discovered the Creation Spiral. It is a clear, surprisingly simple and practical description of the natural path from wish to reality.



Part I
The Theory
1 It all started with my mother
2 Desires are premonitions
3 The creation spiral
5 The negative creation spiral & the endless creation spiral

Part II
Real Life
5 The six houses
6 Emotion work
7 Silent work
8 Positive thinking
9 Strategy work
10 Real Work
11 Enjoy your success


Additional Information:

25th edition: 1998 (Dutch) - Complete English translation

ISBN: 9789080467712 - 224 pages – b/w illustr. - Paperback

Rights: World (incl. World English)