The Dark is a graphic novel. One day, the dark descends on the world. The story focuses on one individual who tries to cope with the dark by complaining, making jokes, denying there is such a thing as the dark, and talking about an escape (but where to?) with a girl who has turned up from somewhere. In the meantime, things do not improve. With the girl, he finds himself in an undefined, fragmented place, which gets wetter and wetter (in the dark, moisture doesn’t evaporate).


All he senses except for the dark and the water are the voice of the girl with annoying questions and comments, there are a few lost strangers in the dark with him, and then the voices of people who’ve been essential in his life, and who have comments on the way he has treated them (one of them, his second wife, dies). He suspects he is supposed to reassure them that he wouldn’t repeat past behavior, if it were all to happen again.


But, he’s unable to take their complaints seriously, and one by one they leave, leaving our hero with the fulfillment of the single desire left to him.



Additional Information:

Seeking initial publication as well as Foreign Rights

Approx. 212 pages - full-colour artwork

World Rights Available (incl. World English)

The Dark
By Robert Lankamp

KvK nr.:  60491833

VAT nr: NL002160634B54

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