The Dark Carnival (age 10-12)

The Legend of the Skyriders (Book 2)

By Michael Reefs.

After the first Sky Rider was set free; things in South Bay seem to have returned back to normal. The Book Club Five are hard at work with great enthusiasm; building a large float for the annual Carnival parade competition. They really hope to win first prize.


But suddenly darkness and the promise of impending doom demands all of their attention. Melanie is convinced they should combine their efforts to save the second Sky Rider and so they can escape the dreaded man with the ax. But will they succeed in doing so?


Especially now that it seems that Roy has suddenly turned against them? And what part do the mysterious twins play in all of this? Since they seem to sabotage them every step of the way!



Additional Information:

Published 2014 (Stormsteen/Dutch)

ISBN: 9789082190908 - 280 pages - Paperback

Rights: World

Michael Reefs (1986) works in a toyshop, which is where he got his inspiration from to write his stories. During his training as a teacher, he got the idea for a childrens book series. He wanted to use a fictitious village, while setting the story in today's world.