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The Dreamer
By Han van den Boogaard

Han van den Boogaard (1956) is a Dutch psychologist, philosopher, writer and translator. He’s chief editor of a philosophical magazine, and publishes essays and articles on a regular basis. He has also written several books, including a biography, a collection of interviews, a novel and book of philosophical essays. The latter, Memories of Now, was published in English in 2013 by Non-Duality Press.


Han is married and has two daughters. He is currently working as a clinical psychologist in a Dutch institution for deaf and blind people.

One day, a young man finds himself waking up in a mental institute on a small island. He doesn’t remember his name, nor the life he has been leading or the events that have brought him there. A psychiatrist of the institute tries to help him find back his identity. Together they explore the young man’s inner life, his dreams and his nightmares, but eventually the psychiatrist refuses to continue the therapy process, because their dream life appears to be connected in some mysterious way.


From that moment on, the young man is forced to find out who he is all by himself. Apparently aimlessly he roams the island, it’s beaches, woods, marshes and dunelands, until his dreams and his actual life start to mix and mingle in more than one way. Eventually they become one experience, in which he finds himself back in his true home.


The Dreamer is a novel about memory and identity, insanity and reality, and lucid dreaming. Against the background of the island’s history, the connection between awareness and the soil on which we live is revealed in the philosophical and existential Odyssey of its main character. Out of a state of unknowing, and guided by many intriguing stories recounted by the people he meets both inside and outside of the mental institute, he finally finds an unshakeable peace of mind and a love that’s larger than his own heart.



Additional Information:

Seeking initial publication as well as Foreign Rights

81.000 words - World Rights Available (incl. World English)

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