The Emperor's Flute
The Memoir of Charles Defutois

By Thomas Thibeault

Emperor's Flute - Thomas Thibeault

A historical novel of the stormy relationship between J.J. Quantz and Frederick the Great reveals the man who created the music in the world that demanded success.

Johann Quantz was Frederick the Great's flute teacher. Frederick earned his fame as a ruthless ruler and military tyrant. He is less known as a musician. The Emperor's Flute delves into the beauty beneath the barbarity to reveal the turbulent and deadly world behind the music. Quantz was a master courtier, who could keep his head when his royal student held the power of life and death.

'The Emperor’s Flute is a wonderfully absorbing insight into the real, intertwining lives of Frederick the Great and his flute mentor, Johann Quantz. The book’s engaging plot buzzes along, unfolding through the characteristic humanity of Thomas Thibeault’s realism, humor and optimism. Ultimately The Emperor’s Flute is about how cunning, quiet courage, and simple kindness can defeat the nastiest human behaviour.' - Stephen Preston - 
Professor of Baroque Flute and Dance

'The Emperor's Flute is an imaginative journey into the inner lives of the Frederick the Great and his flute teachter J.J. Quantz. These historical characters are brought to life with a vibrant mix of subtle conversation and remarkable events.' - Amara Guitry - Professor of Flute

Additional Information:

Published 2019 (Ridgetop Press)

ISBN: 9780983661825 - 232 pages - Paperback

Rights: World