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The Gold Monkey Key (12+)

The Three Hares - Book 2

By Scott Lauder, David Ross

Gold Monkey Key

Sanjeev’s dog Jigsaw is missing in the middle of winter in New Jersey. But this tragedy is dwarfed by what happens to him in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Has he really entered the 6th Century and become the slave to monks traveling the Silk Road to Byzantium – and might they just be murderers?


Trouble is even if he figures out how to get out of this, he’s got other problems: someone, or something, is coming after him. Part of the answer might be Sara, a girl who contacts him on the net and keeps talking about the Immortals. But who or what are The Three Hares and how can they stop the darkness about to engulf the world?


“The Three Hares stories are fantastic quest stories that I absolutely loved. I loved this book for similar reasons to the first, as I learnt so much about this period in History and reading the description enabled me to picture the events that took place at this time. I also enjoyed this book at it evoked a range of emotions in me such as sadness when Sanjeev’s dog goes missing and fear during the challenges Sanjeev faces along his journey.” - Books Up North, Jacob, 14 years old

Additional Information :

Published 2021 (Neem Tree Press) - ISBN: 9781911107071 - Paperback

Rights: World

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