The Heart of the Eagle

By Emmelie Arents

Heart of the Eagle - Emmelie Arents

Joana Sky has the ability to speak out deadly wishes, a talent that is feared and destroyed in Tuvalon. When she is unjustly sentenced to death for speaking out a Heart Manipulation, she knows that she’s going to die.

King Damon however has different plans for the girl that is capable to pulverize hearts. Her life is spared to serve one goal: to exterminate the rebel army called The Eagles.


The opponents are getting stronger, but Joana’s training at King Damon’s court turns her into the perfect weapon.

The king’s assignment is heartless: he orders Joana to destroy The Eagles. Will she succeed in resisting his command and to survive without sacrificing her own heart?

Additional Information :

Published 2020 (Hamley Books) 

ISBN: 9789463967242 - 300 pages - Hardback 

Rights: World

Emmelie Arents is the singer of the band ‘Solutide Within’. She has been writing stories for many years. The Heart of the Eagle is the first story that she sent to a publishing company and was immediately received with appraisal.