The I Ching

A Guide Through the Human Maze

By Timothy & Johanna Dowdle


The I Ching or Book Of Changes is an ancient Chinese oracle, a timeless book of divination, whose purpose is to help people overcome difficulties and go on to find fulfillment. The I Ching oracle can be consulted by simply asking it a question. It answers by pointing to a text which, amazingly accurately, applies to the situation the reader is experiencing. The oracle text describes the situation the reader is experiencing and gives advice on how to deal with it. However, the original text is written in a coded, metaphorical language that is difficult to understand.


The I ChingA Guide Through The Human Maze is a modern interpretation of the I Ching oracle, designed to help the reader successfully deal with the difficulties and challenges of modern day life. This book provides the reader with a roadmap, a detailed route description, to navigate a way through the human maze we find ourselves living in. It is a hands-on manual for consulting the I Ching oracle, giving clear answers to any important questions.


The book is divided into three parts. Part I gives an outline of the history, the background and the basic structure of the I Ching (hexagrams and trigrams). Part II explains how the oracle answers the reader’s questions and the methods used for consulting the oracle. The authors provide examples from their own consultations to illustrate how the I Ching works in practice. In Part III the authors give a detailed description of the 64 hexagrams in terms of real life experience. The descriptions and examples in this book are often autobiographical, but they will resonate with all of those who are living through similar experiences.


The I Ching is a book that will also be of interest to those who are experienced in consulting the I Ching, because it offers essential information about the interpretation of multiple moving lines and static hexagrams



Additional Information:

Seeking initial publication as well as Foreign Rights - Complete English translation - 45.383 words – b/w illustrations

World Rights Available (incl. World English)

Timothy (1951) and Johanna (1955) Dowdle are currently living in the Netherlands. They have lived and worked in many different countries, changing their lifestyle from time to time, according to whatever circumstances they found them-selves in.


A red thread running through their life together has been the Book of Changes, the I Ching. After returning to the Netherlands in 2011 from a year of intensive social work in the USA the authors decided the time had come to write their I Ching book.


Many books have been written about the I Ching, both in China and the West. The authors like to think of this body of knowledge as a structure, a kind of tower, to which every new publication adds a brick. As the knowledge grows and evolves, the tower grows in height and width. In this context the authors wish to share the knowledge, gleaned from 25 years of consulting the I Ching oracle.