The Lady of Myrdin (10+)

By Cathinca van Sprundel

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Cathinca van Sprundel is the author of a series of children's books based on Welsh mythology. Her debut novel, The Lady of Myrdin, has received favorable reviews and is perfect for fans of Tonke Dragt's early work.

Sold over 2.000 copies


Based on the Welsh Mabinogion, this children's book is a firm favorite with fantasy lovers and fans of mythology.

Every wish and every magic spell has its price...

Seven years ago, Airys lost it all to the Other World: her mother, her father, and her lands: the Principality of Dyfed. For seven long years, she served Queen Aranrod, who promised to help her win back Dyfed.

Now that the time has come to fight for her lands, Airys finds that the Queen's help is not what she expected. She was promised her own realm...but the island the Queen gives as her reward for years of service is the cursed island of Myrdin.

On this island, Airys will have to battle her fears and inner demons in order to regain what she has lost. Fortunately, she has two faithful friends who help her during her quest on the magical island.

Will Airys succeed and claim her throne as the rightful heiress of Dyfed?

Additional Information :

Published (Dutch/Dutch Venture Publishing) - Rull manuscript in English available ISBN: 9789492585288 - 260 pages (76.000 wrds) - Paperback


Rights: World

Sold: Italy, and prequel (The Hero of Anwyn) - Taiwan (Ebook Dynasty)