The Man Who Stole Himself
By Thomas Thibeault

'This historical novel of the U.S. Civil War provided insight for me into the lives of Admiral Francis Du Pont (memorialized in DuPont Circle, Washington, DC) and Robert Smalls, a slave whose daring seamanship freed not only himself, family, and friends. A good read and well-researched!' -Reader Review


On the night of May 12th, 1862, a slave steals a gunboat and sales her under the guns of Fort Sumter to the blockading Union Navy and to freedom with the entire family. Robert Smalls surrendered to Admiral Samuel Francis Du Pont, one of the wealthiest men in the country. 


And so started a friendship of two extraordinary people. They created a friendship of equality that destroyed the barriers of race, wealtth, and class. Together, they defied the forces that denied their humanity and changed their world. Freedom wasn't just another word. They had everything to lose.


When he escaped with the Planter, Robert became The Man Who Stole Himself.



Additional Information:

Published 2014 (Ridgetop Press)

ISBN: 9780983661832 - 346 pages - Paperback

Rights: World