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The Mongolian Horse

The Girl and the Therapist

By Hesther Selbeck

Mongonian Horse

Hesther Selbeck (1982) is a self-employed system therapist in the Netherlands and Catalonia. She is a developer and leader of Contextual Equine Therapy (CPT) programs, combining equine therapy, horseback riding and systemic therapy with her team.


She works with youngsters (and their parents) and adults who have finished treatment. She also gives training courses and lectures (including TEDxHaarlem) about CPT. She also writes articles for system and psychological journals.

In this loving and humorous book The Mongolian horse, Hesther Selbeck describes in a style that is at times reminiscent of Bridget Jones's diary, her work as a systems therapist in the youth mental health care system. How she developed the innovative Contextual Equine Therapy (CPT) after a horseback trek through Mongolia, in which she focuses on horses as a co-therapist for young people with complex psychiatric behavior and their parents.


Disarmingly honest, she shares her personal development with us: her search for meaning in estatic dance and meditation, her right to exist in relationships and her spiritual inspirations and dreams.


An ode to the resilience and autonomy of people, who rearrange their lives and take control for change. A current topic at this time.

Podcast interview with The Systemic Way


Additional Information:

Published 2021 (Elmar Publ.) - English sample available

ISBN: 9789038928302 – 264 pages – Paperback

Rights: World

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