The Museum of Lost and Found (YA Contemporary)

By Emma Zegers

Museum of Lost and Found

Emma Zegers is the pseudonym of Femke Hendriks. In 1991 she was born in Limburg, where she still lives today. In 2003 she discovered The Voice, which made music an integral part of her life. This showed when she started writing her first story. The combination of these two passions has shaped her into the person that she is today.

an #ownvoices story about an autistic girl who falls in love for the first time

Diede has Asperger's syndrome, a driver's license she doesn't use, and kleptomaniac tendencies. At home, most of the attention goes to her autistic brother, so it's usually hard to be with her family. Secretly she can't wait for the summer vacation to end. When Robin moved houses, he brought nothing more than the clothes he was wearing and a bag full of textbooks. The relationship with his family is under a lot of pressure because of why they moved. He would prefer to forget everything that happened. 

Diede knows Robin from when they went to the same high school and is
hesitant to talk to him at first, because he used to be one of the cool kids and
she was... well, introvert. Will they be able to find something in each other that they're unable to find on their own?

Additional Information :

Published 2021 (Dutch Venture Publishing) - Full manuscript in English available - 70.000 words

Rights: World

Sold: Italy