The New Filmgoer's Guide to God
from The Passion of Joan of Arc to Philomena

by Tim Cawkwell

'Highly Recommended' - Professor Ian Christie


'No-one, from atheist to evangelical, could fail to be enlightened' - Professor Charles Barr


This thought-provoking book explores the way religious narrative has produced a number of masterpieces from major film-makers, and reflects on the way doubts and certainties about the existence of God and the institution of the church have been reflected in the cinema during its history. Tim Cawkwell's deep knowledge and experience of the cinema have been poured into it.


Tim describes the way the different denominational contexts of Christianity (Catholic, Protestant & Orthodox) differentiate films and enrich the whole picture. The book pays particular attention to the way films are conceived and created with a view to illustrating their virtues as a visual medium. It is written in a sinewy but clear style and commends itself to anyone interested in the history of cinema and in cultural changes in the twentieth-century.


Tim Cawkwell's experience of the cinema goes back 50 years. For 20 years he was a film-maker, and was chief lay administrative officer at Norwich Cathedral for 7 years. This book brings together a deep interest in the language of cinema and the importance of religious ideas.


'There is no drama that does not emanate from a sense of morality. The battle between God and Devil Good and Evil. Tim Cawkwell, a cineaste of broad knowledge, finds and points to films in which this sacred battle is paramount sometimes costumed in cassock and beretta, sometimes in clothes of the street. A film maker myself, I found surprises in many of his analyses of staging, camera movement and editing that lent emphasis to the essential story. His prose is elegant, easy to read. After reading, if you are a movie goer, watching a movie will never again be the same for you.' - Reader Review on



Additional Information:

Independently published 2014

ISBN: 9781783063840 - 234 pages - paperback

World Rights Available (incl. World English)

Tim Cawkwell is freelance writer on film and former film-maker. He

has published a number of books (e.g. co-editor of World Encyclopaedia of Film (1972), The Filmgoer’s Guide to God (2004), Film Past Film Future (2011) and has launched (Febr. 2013) his own imprint, Sforzinda Books, as a vehicle for these and other of his books to be available in digital form.

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