The Painted Heart

Book 3 - The Velvet Basement Series

By Elsa Holland

A woman whose heart was as fierce as it was fragile….. and the man who bought her to win it.


They were selling her. She, Miss Elspeth James, was the governess. She prepared the girls to be sold as Painted Sisters, she didn’t become one. And what made it worse was that it was to him, the arrogant, cold and infuriating Mr. Blackburn. She would have walked out, left the Hurley twins, her beloved charges and the ridiculous proposal if it wasn’t for one thing. The girls were in serious danger. There were whispers of secret bidding, astronomical prices for the beautiful tattooed skin minus the girl. If she accepted the deal, had her body tattooed and became Mr Blackburn’s piece of living art, his Painted Sister, she would be wealthy enough to do something to protect the girls. That was worth doing the unimaginable for.


Mr Blackburn, was an enigma, where he came from and who he was … a total mystery. He was wealthy, had connections at every level of society and he wanted more. Having a Painted Sister he would enter the elite world of ‘The Collectors’, men of extreme wealth, devoid of any moral code but their own. But Elspeth…. her vulnerability as she stood in front of him naked, painted to his specification, rippling with an intoxicating authenticity, made him hunger for something he had never wanted and never believed in … LOVE.


Could she love him? Would she ever reach out and touch him with the same need that thumped through his veins every moment of every day since the first time they met?

The heart doesn't respond to the mind as a master to a servant, it walks its own path….It demands everything, everything a person is and everything they though they'd left behind.



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Published 2017 (Elsa Holland Books) - ISBN: 9781521006788 - 386 pages - paperback - World Rights (excl. World English)

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