The Piketty Problem

A New Novel

By Garth Hallberg

'Garth Hallberg's The Piketty Problem was a well-balanced fusion of opposites to create a really satisfying whole: a funny tone mixed with a serious message, and a plot both highly personal and highly political. With expertly-created characters, a fast-paced plot, and a totally unique writing style, this book was a complete winner for me. Its topicality was the icing on the cake: contemporary America was very clearly seen in its pages, and Donald Trump loomed as large as the giant inflatable Ronald McDonald (Ronald sounds very like Donald...) that floats above Dealy's restaurant. I give this book a full 4 out of 4 stars and recommend it to anyone who likes a deft plot, great characters, humorous writing, or something to think about once you have finished reading.' -

Turn on the TV, check the news feed, pick up the paper. You can't escape the reports that the robots are coming, the robots are coming. Will they take away jobs and reduce the incomes of millions of American workers, making economic inequality even worse?

Suzanne Dealy thinks so, and she's willing to go to dramatic lengths to stop her husband George from replacing the minimum wage workers in his McDonald's franchises with McRobots.

When her first ill-conceived protest is about to end in her arrest, Suzanne is saved by a kindred spirit, attractive and out-of-work Steve Harris. In the midst of their politically charged affair, Suzanne enlists Harris and his idealistic daughter and her Brooklyn artist boyfriend to launch the "Piketty Brigade" to fight against income inequality and sabotage George's dream.

'The Piketty Problem is entertainment with teeth. The author, Garth Hallberg, manages to convey certain points about economics in general, and the income inequality theories of French economist Thomas Piketty in particular, through the medium of a semi-satirical story line. The timeframe – election year 2016 – adds to the humor. George Dealy is a diehard Republican McDonalds franchisee, while wife Suzanne is a liberal sort who strives to identify with the poor even though she’s never been poor. George’s employees are poised to demand higher wages while George is set to robotize the operation in a big rollout complete with giant balloons. Sophisticated, sexy and sometimes downright giggly, Hallberg’s parable also grapples some thought-provoking concepts.' - Reader Review on Amazon


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Published 2017 (The Reason for Everything)

ISBN: 978-0991377046 - Paperback & ebook - 416 pages

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