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The Protector

His Origin and Rise (Part 1)

By Peter van Oossanen

His Origin and Rise

This book describes Sam Stanton’s struggle to eliminate Los Angeles of the most evil organization the United States has ever witnessed. Sam was born on another planet and left in a basket at the doorstep of John and Mary Stanton when he was two weeks old. They raise him as their own. When he turns eighteen his biological father returns to identify himself and informs Sam that he is the executant of an experiment which requires him to fight crime and corruption, because the advanced race that he represents is worried about the direction in which society on Earth is heading.


They require him to prepare for his task and they consider him ready sixteen years later. They provide him with the ability to become invisible and give him an advanced aircraft, allowing him to travel at extreme speeds. His assets allow Sam to save hundreds of people from disasters of various kinds all over the USA. He becomes a national hero. People refer to him as ‘Guardian.’ He keeps his origin and where he lives a secret and he doesn’t allow people to see what he looks like.

During his fight against the criminals who infested Los Angeles, Sam witnesses a transfer of a significant amount of drugs, involving three men and two vehicles in an isolated clearing bordering the Bel-Air Country Club golf course. Just when Sam wants to apprehend the criminals, a woman walks into the clearing from the golf course and one of the three men seriously injures her. Sam rescues her and takes her to the hospital, where he decides to protect her, knowing that the criminals will want to kill her since she can identify the three men in the clearing. In the ensuing days and weeks they develop feelings for each other, which Sam doesn’t want to acknowledge because he must keep his true identity a secret…

Additional Information:

Published 2021 (Buijten & Schipperheijn b.v.) - Hardback - ISBN: 9789082768299 - 328 pages - Complete English translation

Rights: World (excl. Dutch)

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