The Remarkable Benefits of Healthy Habits 
The Promise of Diet and Lifestyle
By Philip Rijken

Philip J. Rijken (PhD) spent the past 20 years with the food industry and participated in a wide variety of activities related to the nutritional quality of food products and their role in health, quality of life and ageing. He was fortunate to have worked for multinational companies like Unilever, DSM and CSM, where he contributed to the innovation of a variety of product categories. He supported the development and implementation of commercially successful product, brand and company strategies related to nutrition, health and wellness.


Over time, Philip has been an active member of public-private task forces, advisory boards for the education of nutritionists and dieticians, he co-chaired Eufics' Nutrition & Health group and participated in conferences and events on nutrition, ageing, food regulations and innovation. His passion for bringing progress in science and technology into practice provided the foundation for this book.

'The remarkable benefits of healthy habits provides a wealth of information and statistics about how unhealthy habits relate to disease, loss of quality of life and early death and more in particular about the true potential of diet and lifestyle. It is an authoritative account of what we know today about diet and lifestyle benefits, and what we should change. Throughout the book Philip Rijken shares his knowledge and drive about the improvements in health we can reach following the nutritional and lifestyle guidelines nowadays available in the scientific literature and above all the many opportunities to enjoy a significant better quality of life forlonger.' - Wim H.M. Saris MD, PhD, Professor of Human Nutrition, Department Human Biology, Medical Centre, Maastricht University


Few people realize just how remarkable the benefits of healthier living are. What difference it could make. Today, diet and lifestyle choices represent the single biggest avoidable cause for loss - and potential gain - of health and quality of life worldwide. Physical inactivity, unhealthy diets, tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption cause three quarters of all heart disease and stroke globally; addressing it would save no less than 9 million lives every year. If typical high-income societies would invest in diet and lifestyle, an average 10 year gain in ‘healthy life expectancy’ could be achieved.


Making the benefits of healthier living a reality is not impossible - it is a choice and it could be financed by facilitating health behaviors and by optimizing health care systems. Avoiding the toll of obesity and of diet and lifestyle associated diseases would save 2-7 percent and 20 percent respectively of all health care spending in high-income nations. To be used to ameliorate unhealthy behaviors and leave the now dominant belief that if we don't suffer from a disease there's no need to manage our health behind us.


This book provides a wealth of information and statistics about how healthy habits can affect our lives. It summarizes and reviews what we know about diet and lifestyle opportunities and barriers, the effects of physical activity, tobacco smoking and alcohol use, what a balanced diet is and what we know about calories, fruits and vegetables, healthy and unhealthy fats, carbohydrates, protein, salt and water. It tells us all about the improvements in health and quality of life that could be achieved if we would succeed in making healthy habits an automatic rather than an effort.



Additional Information:

Independently published 2015

118 pages - 30.631 words - Hardback

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