The Return of the Iron Brigade
By Robert Lankamp

Falkenflucht was in the wars with the Iron Brigade, but he escapes from the prison camps and manages to make his way back to Amsterdam. Here he spends his time in Café-­‐‑Bar MOCKBA, drinking Baltika 5, listening to his girlfriend analyze him, and knuckle-­‐‑punching strangers he doesn’t like. In the meantime, what’s left of the Iron Brigade has been released, the accusations of war crimes forgotten. It is returning to Amsterdam, on foot, in buses, on trains, taking whatever it needs. The Lord Mayor of Amsterdam hires Falkenflucht as an adviser. As the Iron Brigade gets closer, memories and apprehensions surface.


While the soldiers of the Brigade were in the camps, nothing was done to get them out. And surely they changed a lot during their  years away. They’re going to want to reclaim what’s no longer theirs. The book ends in medias res -­ like a storm front, the soldiers of the Brigade are  there before they’re there.



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