Secrets of Intuition
Get direct insights in yourself and people you don't know

By Luc van Esch

Get direct insights in yourself and people you don’t know.

Do you want to be able to trust your intuition more? And would you like to be better in assessing people you don't know? This book will explain how you can get easy access to your intuition and master the skill of reading people.


The reading techniques I am providing, can be applied right away. They will give you deeper insight in the other, in your relationships and your own life as it is now. It will be easier to make choices as doubts will disappear. It will open your eyes and you will get a different view of people and the world.


Everybody can develop their intuition. For you, too, your intuition can become a tool that you can trust. It will work easier and faster than you'd probably think.


Additional Information:

Published - Compete English translation available

ISBN: 9789460151699 – 224 pages – Paperback

Rights: World

Luc Van Esch provides trainings, workshops and lectures. There - just like in his book - he gives a plain explanation of what intuition is, and he lets the participants experience how they can trust their feelings.