The Secret of the Old Beach House (10+)

By Isolde Boers


Isolde is fond of fantasy and wrote a children's book filled with magic. The story is set in Cornwall, Great Britain. In addition to figuring out how thick a book should be and how to shape a story, she did research on the location and on fairy tales and legends she
refers to in her book.

A magical debut about a mysterious house on the coast of Cornwall


A living house, nightmares, a mysterious cat, and a shoebox full of surprises.
One day Chiara receives a letter from a certain Quentin Q, who turns out to be an old friend. He invites her to visit his old beach house in St Ives. He has found a box of things that belong to her in the attic.

How is that possible? Chiara has never been to St Ives, nor does she know
anyone who lives there. The shoebox is the beginning of an exciting search in the old beach house and on the beach. Fortunately, Paul, Quentin's nephew,
joins her in her adventure.

Travel to Cornwall together with Chiara and discover the secrets of the old beach house and the magic of the sea. Filled with illustrations from debut artist Mariska Maas (Rubre Art)



Additional Information:

Published 2021 (Dutch Venture Publishing) - Complete English translation available - ISBN: 9789492585899 – Hardback, ebook, audio - 44.000 words


Rights: World

Sold: Turkey