The Secret Halls (age 10-12)

The Legend of the Skyriders (Book I)

By Michael Reefs.

Michael Reefs (1986) works in a toyshop, which is where he got his inspiration from to write his stories. During his training as a teacher, he got the idea for a childrens book series. He wanted to use a fictitious village, while setting the story in today's world.

Five kids know that something is wrong when on the 1st of January dark clouds gather over Southbay. Luca, Sander, Melanie, Roy and Valerie discover a hidden castle on top of the hill in the North East. They are adventurous and want to explore this place. When a library is being built on the site a bit later, they set up a club, called the Book Club Five.


Twelve ghosts, called the Skyriders, are being held prisoner by the dreaded Man with the Axe. It turns out that The Book Club Five has till 23rd January to free the first Skyrider. If they don’t succeed, their souls are in danger of being collected by the Man with the Axe. The librarian Angelique van Voort is keeping a close eye on them and knows they are up to something. In the meantime danger is everywhere, and it is getting closer. The children know they have gone too far, and they will have to give everything to come out of this alive.


The Secret Halls is ready for modern times. With QR-codes at the end of every chapter, the story will continue online. Join others and about the storyline, read extra material and share your progress via Facebook, Hyves or Twitter. It’s a unique concept, one that gives you a new way of experiencing this adventure. There is a free APP to download so you can follow any further adventures of The Book Club Five.



Additional Information:

Published 2015 (Dutch), 2nd edition

ISBN: 9789082190977 – 310 pages - Paperback

Rights: World