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The Stalking Artist
The Art of Stalking

By Elizabeth August / Dreamshield

The Stalking Artist

Elizabeth August/Dreamshield is an integral therapist. She has a bachelor's degree social science  and has been an apprentice of the North American Indian Running Deer. She learned the art of lucid dreaming and the art of stalking. These traditions were passed in North American Indian tribes.


In addition, she followed numerous studies in the field of natural medicine, (life) coaching, healing and mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College in London. She has her own practice in which healing of the inner child and transformation of blocking emotions and self limiting beliefs takes a big place. In addition to her expertise, she specializes in separation anxiety and fear of commitment.

It is known that patterns that stop us from living in full or limiting are difficult to change. The art of stalking is a shamanic tradition in stalking your patterns. By being aware of your actions, your thoughts and emotions. This book describes the Escape from destructive patterns in relationships.

In addition to this, you read more about North American Indian Spirituality and topics such as lucid dreaming, karmic and twin soul relationships, knowledge of sacred plants and mushrooms, and the Surinamian nature religion Winti.


Elizabeth August / Dreamshield is author of  The Dream Artist. She wrote about her personal way in the art of lucid dreaming. A tradition that was passed in North American Indian tribes.

Still, she is chased by a repetitive dream. She tries to get answers with the help of healers and seers in the sorcerer's world. Suffering from spirits of the past, the last dream brings her to the heart of the rainforest of Suriname and the colonial past of the Netherlands.

Additional workbook: The Lucid Dreaming Workbook

Subtitle:  A guide to the purpose-driven life to dreaming and living awake.


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