The Terracotta Horse (12+)

The Three Hares - Book 3

By Scott Lauder, David Ross

The Terracotta Horse

Fifteen year old Salma Mansour is an expert in taekwondo, a skill she now needs to stay alive. One second, she’s in the British Museum, the next she is transported back a thousand years to the vicious Battle of Maldon between the Saxons and the Vikings…

Things brighten momentarily when she encounters Sara and Sanjeev, who seem to understand this extraordinary time slip. They don’t have much time to plan though; without warning, all three are transported to Xi’an, home of the Terracotta Warriors and stronghold of Chan, a wealthy gang leader bent on immortality. Chan has kidnapped world-famous geneticist Lin Dan and assembled fragments of an ancient magic to empower him. Chan will stop at nothing to fulfil his dream…even if it means releasing evil forces far beyond his control…

The destiny of the world in their hands, The Three Hares must work together to defeat Chan and the power that controls him…or else.


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Published 2022 (Neem Tree Press) - ISBN: 9781911107194 - Paperback

Rights: World