The Time Guardian (age 10-12)

The Legend of the Skyriders (Book 3)

By Michael Reefs.

The Book Club Five stumble upon the first clue on how to find the Third Sky Rider during a routine museum visit. Buried deep below the surface of the hill, at the end of a narrow tunnel, they find a hidden mystery; The Wheel of Time. When they spin this wheel five times, they are propelled into the year 536; the exact year the Sky Riders were murdered. Once they arrive there, not only do they receive help from a peasant boy, but also from a mystical young girl who gives them strange directions. Who is this girl and why is it that only Valerie can see her?


The Time Guardian is the third installment of the book series documenting the exciting adventures of The Book Club Five. In this story the five friends find themselves involved in yet another blood-curdling and breathtaking tale. With the dreaded Man with the ax chasing after them, they have no time to lose and must quickly find a way to rescue the third Sky Rider as well as try to find the missing piece of the ancient Wheel of Time. They have come so far, but will they ever be able to return home again?



Additional Information:

Published 2015 (Stormsteen/Dutch)

ISBN: 9789082190915 – 352 pages – Paperback

Rights: World

Michael Reefs (1986) works in a toyshop, which is where he got his inspiration from to write his stories. During his training as a teacher, he got the idea for a childrens book series. He wanted to use a fictitious village, while setting the story in today's world.