The Truth's Advocate
By Adriaan Bos 

Adriaan Bos (1949) practiced law for 25 years. He was a partner at big law firm till 2000. Thereafter he served on various boards, including chairing the supervisory board of an internationally operating family-owned company. Nowadays he combines his work as mediator with his passion for writing.

The Truth's Advocate is a gripping novel about love and friendship, about integrity and listening to your inner voice.


This thrilling story is set in today’s society, marked by populism, growing intolerance, the yearn for security, the falling away of structures, and failing (political) leadership. A society in which technological developments seem endless, but where the privacy of the individual is undermined with no remorse.


Thomas is a successful lawyer. He decides to leave the law business after his father has died, an intense relationship with a sensitive woman and an encounter with a vagabond. His friend Sam has developed a technology which can change society dramatically. He wants to keep his invention a secret and Thomas promises to do just that. Because of this he comes into conflict with Sam’s ambitious sons, and with unscrupulous companies bent on power. Meanwhile there is an unrestrained deadly virus that threatens the world. Thomas gets mixed up in a web of manipulation, deceit and intimidation, and has some difficult choices to make. Will he be able to turn the tide, and cast of the dark shadow which is spreading over the world?


This book offers a shocking insight into the dangers that threaten humanity in the 21st century.


Praise from Dutch professionals and readers:

This compelling novel reads like a Da Vinci Code and contains the life lessons of a Paulo Coelho.


A departure from traditional thinking with true international bestseller potential!


A book that touches your heart and makes you think. Highly recommended!



Additional Information:

Published 2012 (Dutch) – Complete English translation

97819021551708 – Paperback - 364 pages

Rights: World