The Voice of the Sea (15+)

Selkie's Gift Trilogy - Book 1

By Mara Li


Mara Li (1987) gets her inspiration from mythology and folk tales all over the world. Her first novel, The Voice of the Sea (first vol. in trilogy) was nominated for the prestigious Harland Award for Best Dutch Fantasy novel in 2015

What if King Arthur had lived in a Dystopian Future?

A unique YA trilogy with a blend of mythology and dystopia

Follow the story of young King Arthur through the eyes of his sister Nimue, and let yourself be taken to a post-apocalyptic Europe full of magic and mythology.

Arthur and Nimue live with their grandmother and only know about their mother through stories. This changes when Nimue finds an old diary in the attic that used to belong to Rona, their mother. When their village is destroyed by a storm and their grandmother passes away, the two siblings set out to find their mother with the diary as a guideline. Where has Rona disappeared to?

During their trek through a grim and disease-infected Europe, Nimue is plagues by visions of a specter shrouded in mist, watching their every step. Why is he following them - and what is the connection between Arthur and the Spirit World.

'This is a wonderfully conceived dystopian novel with a believable cause and well thought-out repercussions.' - Eric Klein - sci-fi author

Additional Information :

Published 2017 (Dutch/Dutch Venture Publishing) - Complete English translation - ISBN: 9789492585097 - 300 pages (90.000 wrds) - Paperback


World Rights Available (Excl. Dutch)