The Legend of the Firebird (age 9+)

By Femke Dekker

Legend of the Firebird

Femke Dekker is the author of many children's books and young adult novels. Her bestselling series is called Stories from the Witches' Den, which is published by Gottmer in The Netherlands. Her children's fantasy book The Legend of the Firebird has been compared to Tonke Dragt's early work

'A skillfully written, exciting, magical and colorful adventure about courage, true friendship and the love of a family.' - Hilda Spruit, winner of the Young Jury Debut Award 2016

One cold winter's day, Ravian finds a beautiful colored feather. He is sure that it must be the famed magical feather of the Firebird from legends. According to the old tales, the one who find the Feather must place it in the Yellow Stone, far away in the mountains. If not, the finder's village will never flourish.

Ravian is from a poor village and his little sister is terminally ill. A quest fraught with danger and ordeal lies ahead. In secret, he leaves the village.

Soon Ravian finds out just how difficult his journey is - magical beings and malicious people continue to cross his path. But wondrous and marvelous things happen to the boy too.

Will Ravian succeed in his quest and put the magical feather in the Yellow Stone?


Additional Information:

Published (Dutch Venture Publishing) - English Synopsis/Reading Sample available - ISBN: 9789462661974 – 140 pages – Hardback


Rights: World

Sold: Italy