Tide of Death
A DI Andy Horton Mystery (1)

By Pauline Rowson

'A Marine Mystery series that can do for the Solent what Inspector Morse did for Oxford.' - Daily Echo


'A strong plot and some nice characterisation and dialogue, which makes this a notch above the average fare out there. Rowson is clearly a crime writer to watch.' - Amazon 


It is DI Andy Horton's second day back in Portsmouth CID after being suspended for eight months. Whilst out running in the early morning he trips over the battered, naked body of a man. PC Evans has been stabbed the night before, the DCI is up before a promotion board and Sergeant Cantelli is having problems with his fifteen year old daughter. But, Horton's mind is on other things not least of which is trying to prove his innocence after being accused of rape.


Beset by personal problems and aided by Cantelli, Horton sets out to find a killer who will stop at nothing to cover his tracks. As he gets closer to the truth, and his personal investigations start to uncover dark secrets that someone would rather not have exposed, he risks not only his career but also his life.



'Love all of Pauline Rowsons books. If you like a good twist read this you won't be able to put it down!' - Reader Review on Amazon




Additional Information:

Published 2006 (Fathom Publ.)

ISBN: 9780955098208 - 320 pages - Paperback

European Rights Available (excl. Poland, Italy, Ireland & Greece)