A Sacrifice. A Power. A Toxic World

By Rani de Vadder

Toxine - Rani de Vadder

As Sacrifice and possession of the Grand Lord, Khala has no decisions rights over her own life, because he wants to use her special gift, her Talent to kill by a single touch, for himself. Only that way, he can extend the toxic power over his realm and destroy his enemies once and for all.

To escape from is grip, Khala has to run. Together with a mysterious bandit and a redheaded furie, she embarks on a hellish adventure. Until she gets the once in a lifetime opportunity to deal with the Grand Lord and battle against him.


To win, she has to go to extreme measures.

Additional Information :

Published 2020 (Hamley Books) 

ISBN: 9789463967075 - 300 pages - Hardback 

Rights: World

Rani De Vadder is a college student who is studying Chinese-English translations. She has been publishing on Wattpad for many years, until she finally gathered the courage to send her most popular story to Hamley Books Publishing, who received the exclusive rights to her book.


Her novel Toxine has gained tremendous critical acclaim and is currently featured in top tens of several bookstores in the Young Adult section. She is currently working on her second fantasy YA novel.