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The Umbrella men
By Keith Carter

Umbrella Men

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Born in Scotland, he read Economics at Cambridge, taking a First in 1981 when he was elected a Scholar. He worked as an investment banker before going straight and running a small pharmaceutical company. Now a writer and business consultant he enjoys travel, politics and economics, reading and writing, languages, music and meals with family and friends.


Keith suffered a spinal cord injury in March 2018 and since rides a wheelchair.

A witty and acerbic novel for our times about corporate greed, the hubris of bankers, contradictions of the clean energy economy and their unintended consequences on everyday people.

Finance, environmentalism, rare-earth mining and human frailties collide in a complex of flawed motives. We follow Peter Mount, the self-made Chief Executive of a London-based rare-earth mining company as he and his business are buffeted by crisis-torn Royal Bank of Scotland and by his own actions, real and imagined. Meanwhile in Oregon, Amy Tate and her group of local environmental activists do their contradictory part to undermine a component of the green economy, unwittingly super-charged by the Chinese state.


The repercussions of events in pristine Oregon are felt in the corporate and financial corridors of New York and London with drastic consequences. This is a deeply involving novel about the current workings of capitalism, miscommunication, causes and unexpected effects, love and survival.

Keith on @theauthorsshow discussing The Umbrella Men

'Carter has written an involving and provocative novel...Humorous, acerbic and keenly observed, the financial crisis is properly skewered...This couldn't be more topical; the financial crisis, ecological concerns, capitalism, greed, regulation and the devastating effect on people of the financial meltdown'
Paul Burke NB Magazine Review

Additional Information:

Published 2019 (Neem Tree Press) - 9781911107101 – Paperback/Hardback

451 pages -  Rights: World

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