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Understanding Children and Teens

A Practical Guide for Parents, Teachers and Coaches

By Judy Bartkowiak

Understanding Children & Teens

Judy Bartkowiak is an NLP trainer and coach as well as an EFT trainer and coach who specialises in working with children and teens.  Before becoming a therapist, she worked in market research, and then ran a Montessori nursery alongside her therapeutic work. She has written extensively on NLP.  This is her first title for Free Association Books.

The recent pandemic has turned family life upside down.  Now, more than ever before, children and teens are experiencing anxiety, low self-esteem, fear, and a host of other, unfamiliar feelings.  This book aims to give parents and those who work with children the tools to help them overcome these difficulties and to enable them to express themselves, and to build emotional intelligence and resilience.  

Children and teens are given the means to believe in themselves with unconditional love and acceptance, empowering them to achieve all they wish for in life. 

Understanding Children and Teens shows the reader how to use Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Emotional Freedom Technique as well as mindfulness and Art Therapy in order to connect with children and teens to help them overcome their problems.  With clear explanations, examples, and easy-to-follow exercises, this book will enable those who care for children to gain valuable insight into their world, and to understand what they are thinking and feeling.

This practical guide is aimed at parents, teachers, coaches, and everyone who works with children and teens and is informed by the author’s experiences of working with this group over the last 30 years.  

Additional Information :

Published 2020 (Free Association Books)

ISBN: 9781911383505 - Paperback


Rights: World

Sold: Turkey

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