Book 1 of the Rémy Trilogy

By Lara Reims

Upgrade - Lara Reims

What will you do when the future suddenly turns up at your door? What to do when your house suddenly explodes? If you suddenly are in a new world? If you get the opportunity to learn fantastic things, but nobody is telling you the truth about who you are and all you can do?

Rémi has had enough of riddles, half truths, and week excuses. He is going to find out who is really is. And why? All his life, Rémi feels that he is different than others. His parents are hiding something from him, but he can't figure out what it is. 

He wants to know who he is, and is looking for his true identity. But just as he is about to find out, there is this blast. His house explodes. All he can do is to grab the hand that is held out to him from the darkness. After which he arrives in the mysterious Creodroom. An institute where science is way ahead of its time. Technique feels as if it is Magic. Robots look astonishingly like humans.

Everything a teenager has ever dreamed of, has become reality here. Rémi is overwhelemed by fantastic technology and he meets young people who become life-long friends. He feels at home for the first time. Till his past catches up with him again, and Rémi knows he is still in great danger. 

Additional Information :

Published 2019 (Hamley Books) 

ISBN: 9789082986303 - 360 pages - Hardback 

Rights: World