Vesalius: Time Beholds Us Now (Working Title)
By R.E. Black

Historical novel based on the curious life of the sixteenth century pioneer of anatomy, Andreas Vesalius.

In the mid-sixteenth-century, Andreas Vesalius of Brussels, a fourth-generation student of medicine, is determined to finally discover the secrets of the greatest puzzle of all time; the truth of the human body.  Daring to question the fourteen-hundred-year principles of the Greek physician, Galen, the young student risks his own life in sourcing executed bodies to examine in the privacy of his own quarters.  Whilst at the University of Louvain in Belgium, Vesalius discovers three professors are involved in an elaborate undercover plot to entrap the Protestant English priest, William Tyndale, who is hiding in Belgium from the English.


Vesalius produces an illustrated medical book with a mysterious artist that is deemed so heretical that Vesalius is taken into the service of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, the most powerful man in the world, for his own protection.  Charles’s long running feud with his brother-in-law, King Francis I of France, sees Europe divided in loyalty and religion and in a near constant state of war. 


Vesalius is called upon to save the life of Spain’s new ally, the French king Henri II, when he is injured in a jousting match, but Vesalius is blamed when the king dies. The Spanish heir, the mentally and physically impaired Infante Don Carlos suffers a serious head injury and Vesalius is prevented from treating him. Vesalius plans his escape from Spain and the Inquisition by staging a botched autopsy in the hope that he will be sent on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land as a penance.  The return voyage is hit by a hurricane. The ship finally makes it to a Greek island.  Vesalius manages to walk off the ship, but collapses and dies on the island of Zante, two months before his fiftieth birthday.



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