Winter Flame (12+)


By Mara Li

Winter Flame

Historical Fantasy


Eilis is the quiet, introverted daughter of the lord of the Oak Castle, and in every way the polar opposite of her lavish twin sister Sibeal. While Sibeal is eager to meet her lover, Lord Berach, for the first time, Eilis doesn't like the hustle and bustle.


The last thing she is waiting for is a forced trek through a magical, wintry landscape. Certainly not in the company of the charming but unreliable Cathair. Yet that is exactly what awaits her three days before Midwinter, for the winter flame will have to ignite.

Additional Information :

Published 2021 (Dutch Venture Publishing) - Complete English translation available - 23.000 words - Illustrations

Rights: World

Sold: Italy

Mara Li (1987) gets her inspiration from mythology and folk tales all over the world. Her first novel, The Voice of the Sea (part one of a trilogy) was nominated for the prestigious Harland Award for Best Dutch Fantasy Novel in 2015.